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Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology

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Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology

Purpose of Establishment

As an integral part of universities facilities, Institute of Agriculture Science and Technology was founded in 1972 to ensure the research and research related services in the field of agricultural sciences. The goal of this institution is to develop and apply the advanced technologies in all agricultural sectors and activates co-works among its related research areas and eventually improves international competencies in all arena of agricultural research field. To accomplish this goal, the institution has taken the leading role in hosting the joint international/national symposiums to promote exchange of new ideas and technologies and a close collaboration with leading universities and research institution at national and international level.

Furthermore, it provides the research related services which are published in the research journal. The institution has many research projects funds that is involved in international exchange programs of research members and students among the sister universities and institution abroad.

Major Activities

  • Research for the basic study of agricultural parts.
  • The business of the technology for agricultural field bottleneck and high-tech research.
  • The business for developing the local and overseas agriculture.
  • Publish collection of papers and host seminar and symposium of agriculture.
  • Other related business.